sliding clasps

For several years, I have been developing a new clasp.

It slides along the chain or cord, oh so smoothly.

It has a soft, tactile feel, and is finished with a teeny weeny sparkle.

The solid silver drops at the end of the chain are inspired by the leaves of a tropical plant I saw whilst on holiday in Grenada, possibly an acacia, but honestly, I'm not sure.

I thought they were enchanting, and tried for years to immortalise them in silver.

They have now become one of my signature details.

At first, this Folia motif served as the sliding clasp, but I quickly realised it didn't slide smoothly enough along the cord, particularly after the cord had been worn for a while.

It served as nice design detail, but if you really wanted to alter the length of the cord, this was not going to work.

So I began trying out different ideas, and this is the result.

Each one has been engraved with my signature.

They are used in the new Joy Bracelet collection.

And are used on all of the new bracelet designs.

Meaning that a wide variety of different wrist sizes can fit the bracelets, which is a win.

Also, no more fiddling trying to undo the clasp.

Another win.

I hope you like them.