it's all in the details

Jewellery is like tiny little sculptures that you can wear.

In fact the wearing of jewellery is one of the biggest challenges to a maker.

It's not that hard to make jewellery which looks nice, but to make something that can be worn and loved for a long time is much more of a challenge.

That's why I give some much care & consideration to which kind of chain to use, as well as how the ends of the chain are finished.

You don't want the chain to break as soon as your baby pulls on it (been there, got the T-shirt).

The finish of the silver is important too...

...I'm really not keen on a high polish.

That's why I choose to use soft finishes & textures on the silver.

For example, the Letter pendant above has had the silver pressed with a subtle texture.

Once the setting* has been completed, it gets placed in a machine which tumbles the silver for 8 hours with little stone chips...

..8 hours!

I know, it's not a quick process.

It's an overnight process.

If you were to look through a 10x magnification loupe, you wouldn't see any scratch marks.

The surface would be beautifully smooth.

All of the necklaces are finished with a signature Folia drop... that when you wear the necklace, the drop hangs down the back of your neck.

Gorgeous in summer when you've you a bit of a sun tan and your hair pulled up.


Then there is the gold vermeil.

18carat gold vermeil is a special way to finish silver with gold.

Real, actual, bona fide gold.

I always ask the craftsman who finishes these, to put 2 microns of gold on the surface of the silver.

This means that the coating will last longer than if it was just flash gilded.

They look the same, but one is higher quality.

It's reflected in the price, but I honestly think it's worth it.

As I write, gold prices are the highest they have been in a long time.

All the more reason to wear vermeil rather than solid gold.

And finally there is the packaging.

Each item of jewellery is presented in a beautiful box.

Over the years, I've I've changed suppliers many times, as I have grown less tolerant of poor quality.

Finally, a few years ago I discovered a company in Denmark who make exquisite boxes, finished just perfectly.

The bracelets are all presented with a little cushion, which you can even personalise with your loved one's name.

Golly, I do love packaging.

It's all about the details...

...the details which make the jewellery yours to treasure.

* each letter setting is hand made individually for you, with the letter of your choice.