summer is on it's way

We are ready for the sun aren't we?

Oh yes we are.

Some of us may get to the Med this year, or even further afield...

...but I suspect that most of us will still be here in Blighty.

We can make the most of the sunny days when they come, even if it's sitting in a local park and finding a patch of sun on a bench.

If the sun is shining, we'll find it.

I'm so eager to re-visit special cities like Venice...

...Florence, Paris or Palma...

...definitely London

...maybe even New York.

...but I'm also in no rush.

When the time is right we'll get there.

It will happen.

pictured above: Joy bracelet (apple & raspberry), Victoria bracelet in 18ct gold vermeil & mini Flora hoop earrings in 18ct gold vermeil.

The bracelets which I have recently finished are true high summer pieces.

The warm gold looks beautiful next to olive skin tones.

pictured above: Flora Bracelet, Riviera Bracelet, Victoria Bracelet, & detail of the sliding clasp. All in 18ct gold vermeil.

18ct vermeil increases the price a wee bit, but, I just love the richness of the gold, so feel it's really worth it.

Having said that, silver is so crisp & fresh next to a deep sun tan, that actually, I'll probably alternate between them.

pictured above: Mini Jolie Pearl bracelet, Classic Jolie Bracelet & Victoria Bracelet in sterling silver

The space in the middle of the Victoria bracelet allows the skin to shine through.

Whereas, the Linea bracelet has the bright pop of neon pink, a new venture for me, but I LOVE it.

A touch of neon pink is such a mood lifter.

I hope you'll agree.

pictured above: Victoria Bracelet next to the neon pink Linea bracelet, both in 18ct gold vermeil.

 Get those sandals out of the shoe cupboard, you'll be needing them sooner than you think.