spring into summer

Now in it’s second year of it regeneration, it’s lovely to see this very special garden* develop.

Last spring there was a lot of bare earth and juvenile plants.

This year, the plants are bedding in nicely, and with a bit of autumnal forethought,

the bulbs and wallflowers created some early wow factor, before summer hit it’s stride.

The elegant white alliums, mixed with apricot wallflowers and white tulips ‘purissima’ gave the garden a tranquil feel.

And here’s the tunnel in June with literally hundreds of rose blooms.

As the climber ‘New Dawn’ is only in it’s second year, and I greedily wanted to keep all the blooms, they are not quite reaching the top of the tunnel, but with some careful pruning after the flowers fade, we’re hopeful the roses may reach the top this year.

The cardoon (far right) was chosen to complement the yucca (the spiky plant in the background) and it has truly become a monster specimen. It’s certainly as tall as me now and by the time it flowers will be close to three metres...all in one season.

The pops of colour from the exquisite peony ‘coral charm’

have an oh so brief moment of glory, but that’s just fine.

Above - Peony Coral Charm begins a rich fuschia pink and fades over five days (five days!!) to become pale peach and eventually primrose yellow, until finally the petals fall.

Clemaits Montana has the beautiful backdrop of the old red brick and the period windows.

I particularly enjoy the way it hangs over the floor to ceiling door, creating a romantic, soft style.

It’s too soon for the sweet peas to be doing their thing,

but the hazel sticks have been in since the start of the season,

ready and waiting...that’s if the sweet peas survive the slugs which are rampaging this year.

And finally, the greenhouse which I was less than keen on when we first arrived, has become an exciting place of promise. Sheltered from cold spring winds, the plants (and me) can thrive under protection until the weather is more gentle.

* this is a garden I was involved in renovating between 2014-2017