Birmingham Botanics

A few weeks ago, I joined the ladies of Edgbaston, at the

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, for a ladies lunch.

Alongside several other designers, I presented the latest collections, while the guests ate, drank and were merry.

It was my first foray into such an event, and I was really quite nervous.

Some lateral thinking was needed to consider easily portable display options.

But as usual, limitations push ideas in a direction they may not otherwise have travelled.

Grand ideas of wooden displays inspired by the lovely Pinterest,

image from Pintrest (visit to see more)

were pared back to a simple display of neatly arranged celadon green ceramic tiles.

All because everything, including the jewellery, needed to fit in a small suitcase.

I was actually really pleased with the end result.

As usual it was worthwhile pushing myself out of my comfort zone, as it was fantastic to get direct feedback for the guests, and it even led to some pretty good business.

So a big thank you to Beth Goodrham for suggesting it.