any questions?

Can you ship overseas?

Yes.   Your jewellery will be sent Royal Mail AirSure.  

The package will have a tracking number whilst still in the UK, but once outside the UK it will not be trackable.  

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the parcel to arrive.  

So if you allow two weeks for the jewellery to be made, then two weeks shipping, your order could take up to four weeks to arrive.  

That means if it's for a gift, you'll need to be super organised, but it can be done very easily.


How do I pay for postage?

Postage will be added to your order when shopping online.  

Items up to the value of £30 will be sent Royal Mail 1st class (£3.00). 

Orders over the value of £30 (£7.50) will be sent Royal Mail special delivery which needs to be signed for, and guarantees next day delivery.  

Once the jewellery has been made, you will be contacted to discuss when is a convenient time for you to receive the delivery.


Will the jewellery come in a box?


The jewellery is presented in a white box tied with a gorgeous grosgrain ribbon which you can slide off to see what's inside, and easily put back on to present as a gift.


Can I choose the colour of hair on a Pretty Maid?

Pretty Maids can be made in lots of different combinations to make the even more personal.

So, yes, you can choose your hair colour, eye colour and if you would like a particular colour for the dress, just ask.  

Email with your specifications and we will see what can be done.


Do you do Pretty Maids bracelets?

Due to the wear and tear that bracelets undergo, Pretty Maids are not suited to bracelets.


How long will it take to receive the jewellery?

Most items are made to order upon receipt of funds, so please allow up to two weeks for your order to be made.

If it will take more or less time you will be contacted.


I have a loose diamond that belonged to my granny.

Can you set it for me?

It would be  a pleasure and a privilege to re-model a special item of jewellery.  

Please email and we can arrange a time to discuss your requirements.


Can you re-use gold or silver from an old item of jewellery and make something new?

This is a very exciting area of new development and it's still early days, but if you email we can discuss in more detail what you would like and whether it is possible.


Can you use gold plate silver instead of solid gold?

Gold plated silver is called 'vermeil' and it has been used on a few items within the collections (for example the Thebes Hoop Earrings).  It does reduce the cost quite significantly to finish the jewellery with gold rather than using solid gold, however the plating will eventually wear off and need re-finishing for a small charge. 

On earrings & pendants, a vermeil finish is perfectly suitable, but on rings & bracelets, the plating can wear more quickly may need to be plated annually.


What carat of gold do you use?

18ct gold would be the preference, but if you have a particular colour or carat of gold you prefer, don't hesitate to contact and we can discuss the different options available.


What are coloured diamonds?

Coloured diamonds are basically the same as the white diamonds we are accustomed to seeing, but with the presence of different trace elements which affect the colour.

Some coloured diamonds, for example pink or blue, command incredibly high prices due to their rarity.

However, the grey and brown diamonds that we use in fact cost less than white diamonds, but are considered just as pretty and also a bit different.


Can I wear my jewellery in the shower or when I go swimming?

It is really best to remove your jewellery whilst swimming or in the shower, or indeed sleeping. However, a lot of people feel their jewellery is safer if they never take it off. If this is you, then just bear in mind that the silver may well blacken with the chlorine of the swimming pool and the poor little Pretty Maid's face will probably disappear!  

If this happens, just email and we can discuss what needs to be done to freshen the jewellery up again.



If you have any other questions, do get in touch 

Enjoy browsing!