Welcome to Hannah Walker Jewellery

Hannah has been designing and making jewellery for over 20 years.

Following 15 years designing for British & International brands,

Hannah’s attention is now entirely on her own collections, available to buy in the online store.


All the jewellery you see here has been made by the artist in her Warwickshire studio, her attention to detail is meticulous.

Following years working for the luxury jewellery business,

Hannah’s aspiration is to create jewellery which looks as good as high end jewellery,

but without the price tag.

As a result every aspect of the design has been considered even down to the box in which the jewellery is presented.


Wearability and comfort are always a driving factor in any design.

Form and function are equally important.

As a result, every item has been user trialled for at least six months before it is made available for sale.

Hannah also takes great pleasure in overseeing every aspect of the business

from sitting at the workbench making new designs,

to developing the design of the website and connecting with people on social media.


Bespoke and personal commissions are an important aspect of Hannah’s enterprise.

Taking anything up six months to complete they aren’t the fastest process,

but always worthwhile,

often inspiring future collections.


Hannah also enjoys providing the highest level of customer service.

The excellent training gained during her time working with British jeweller,

Boodles, means that Hannah knows what customers need

when choosing a special piece of jewellery, especially if it is bought online.

Connecting with people is an essential part of Hannah's day.

It can be a very solitary pursuit making jewellery,

and chatting with other designers or customers is very special.

If you would like to talk jewellery, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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