Extra Long Roman necklace

Measuring 130cm in length, this is a statement necklace which is very simple in it's style.

The magnetic clasp (hidden inside the large bead) allows the necklace to be wrapped around for a layered look.


Roman Bangle

Shaped to fit the wrist, this bangle has a slightly oval shape.

The magentic clasp, hidden inside the large silver bead, allows the bangle to slide on easily.

The stainless steel core, gives the bangle hidden strength.


Roman collection, textured hollow beads reminiscent of buried treasure.

Roman Earrings

Simple, classic and easy to wear, everyday.


Roman Bracelet - Classic

Simple design in which each bead has been individually distressed, giving the look of ancient jewellery which wouldn't look out of place in the British Museum.

Finished with a signature Folia tag.


Roman Hoop Earrings

Deceptively simple hoop earrings with a stainless steel core to give them strength.

Light and easy to wear.