Hannah's Diary



Shiny New Website


For a while now I have had website envy…

…I began noticing that there was a shift in web design.

Other brands, some mega companies, some much smaller, had very inspirational websites.

If you have the time, your website can be playful and an experience in itself, but I’m a jewellery designer, not a web developer, so my time is better spent developing new jewellery designs…

…however, I do love a bit of html and CSS if it helps make the site look better, and in a another life I could be seriously into web design.

So I wrote a lot of lists

drank a lot of coffee

took some new photos

 had a bit of help from my four legged friend

and the end result (I hope) is just a little bit fresher.

Do let me know how you find it, I’d love to know.