Hannah's Diary



Birmingham Botanics


In a few weeks, I am joining the ladies of Edgbaston, at the

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, for a ladies lunch.

I’ll be presenting jewellery alongside several other designers, while the ladies eat, drink and be merry.

It’s my first foray into such an event, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Some lateral thinking has been need to consider easily portable display options

(I’ll be travelling by train to get there, driving feels far too daunting).

But as usual, limitations push ideas in a direction they may not otherwise have travelled.

Grand ideas of wooden displays inspired by the lovely Pinterest,

image from Pintrest (visit www.lotocoho.com to see more)

have been pared back to a simple display of neatly arranged celadon green ceramic tiles.

All because everything, including the jewellery, needs to fit in a small suitcase.

I’m really pleased with the end result.

I wouldn’t have considered this had I not needed to carry them easily.

So as part of the preparation for this event, I thought it would be wise to go and check it out

(any excuse for an outing to a garden).

It didn’t disappoint.

The glasshouses were a delicious reminder that in other countries they don’t have drab, chilly winters

– the camera steamed up it was so warm and humid.

I really should be living in a climate like that.

It’s very pleasing to know that such a special place is only a short train ride away.